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Annual General Meeting

June 16, 2021
(Virtual Meeting)

Valley Cup 2021

Visit the tournament page for application deadlines and fees.

Valley Cup Tournament


Visit the SALLY Games website for the most current information:


Football Rule Changes - 2019-2020 Season

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Rainout Number

(916) 558-4487

Cherry Island Rainout Number

(916) 484-5654

Executive Committee

Need to Forfeit? Avoid the fine by contacting Opponent, President, Referee Coordinator and Schedule Team the SUNDAY before the scheduled game.

President Nancy Valle nvalle747@gmail.com Forfeit Contact
Vice President / Secretary Tara Dunn svwsl.info@gmail.com
Treasurer Theresa Ellingsen tellingsen@comcast.net
Referee Coordinator Martha Dominguez m.dominguez@frontier.com Forfeit Contact
Registrar Heather Ramil hlramil@hotmail.com
Fields Denise Osier deniseosier@att.net
Schedule Kim Erickson kimerickson55@gmail.com
Forfeit Contact
Equipment Coordinator Vacant
Valley Cup Deidre Bryant ValleyCupSac@gmail.com
Recruitment and Marketing Kaitlin Schmucker KaitlinESchmucker@yahoo.com
Website Team Tracy Brown tracyb@4arc.com
Immediate Past President and PAD (Procedures and Disciplinary Committee) Chair Dawn Cole dawnhcole@gmail.com